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Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Portable, economical and easy to use

Manual Blood Pressure Monitor

Chrome-plated deflation valve

Leatherette zippered carrying case

Nylon cuff with range markings, artery label and gauge holder

Latex inflation bladder and bulb

Instruction manual

Blood Pressure Unit W/Face clock 

 Height adjustable Spider-Leg caster stand with range of 40" to 54" (from bottom of base to top of unit). Integral ABS cuff storage compartment

 Manometer angled back 15° for easy viewing

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor 

This fully automated easy to use Digital Blood Pressure Monitor has been clinically tested for accuracy. The user will enjoy self adjusting cuff inflation with easy two-button operation. The large LCD display will indicate systolic, diastolic and pulse readings simultaneously while storing up to 99 readings